Institutional Services

We offer tailored investment advisory and consulting for high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, hedge funds, wealth managers, and individual traders. Our current client base includes major hedge funds, investment banks, and other institutional and private wealth advisors.

We provide a broad range of services including:

  • Quant Risk Management Strategies

  • Fund Structuring

  • Investment Strategy

  • Customized Research

  • Directional and Volatility Strategies

  • Derivatives Trading Advice

  • Geopolitical Analysis

  • Valuation Analysis

  • Market Forecasting

  • Trading Strategies

Our Most Popular Services Include

Investment Consulting
We offer consulting services that include a variety of expertise. This includes alternative investments, portfolio allocation, international diversification (for income sources and investments), and macroeconomic analysis. Individual investors, investment advisors, and wealth managers may consult with Davos using two different approaches:

One-Time Consultation This consultation is designed for investors and institutions who are experienced, well served by their current advisers, or have a specific issue and need a limited amount of time to understand how to apply our approach.

Customized Research and Updates Subscription After an initial meeting to overview the institutional or individual investors return profile, risk guidelines, and preferred asset classes to trade, we create customized investment and trade ideas that are tailored to their portfolio’s objectives. This service is a monthly subscription and updates will come at the frequency of which valid opportunities arise.